About us

The Western Mystery School is a part of the Stichting Temple of Starlight, a Dutch foundation raised by Ina Custers-van Bergen. Our mission is to translate the Hermetic Arts and Sciences and their life-changing mind altering techniques to the 21st century. To this end the Western Mystery School organises Mythical Experience workshops, Deep Imagination Trainings, Inner Treasures Development, Tarot Journeys into the Deep, events, lectures and training courses in Hermetic Arts and Sciences. Our aim is to bridge the gap between modern therapeutic techniques such as NLP, Hypnotherapy and Family Constellations at one hand; and the powerful wisdom teachings of the Hermetic Tradition at the other hand. Our training courses are based on the rich philosophy and magical praxis of Hermeticism and the Western Mystery Tradition.

The Hermetic Arts and Sciences offer a rich, structured and cohesive system of personal empowerment. Hermetiscism has a colorful historical and an initiatory mouth-to-ear lineage: a lineage of initiates coming forth from from scientific, monastic and aristocratic circles.

The Hermetic Arts and Sciences combine the Wisdom Teachings of antique temples from Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia and merge them with Gnostic Christianity, Judaism, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Anthroposophy and Theosophy. The practical applications of the Tarot, of Astrology, Kabbala, High Magic and Alchemy are optimised with Hypnotherapy, NLP and systemic work. A synergy wherein Angelology and the mythology of Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Avalon play a role.

Stichting Temple of Starlight

The Stichting Temple of Starlight is a foundation whose mission it is to translate the Hermetic Arts and Sciences to the 21st century.

The Deep Imagination Training

The Hermetic Arts and Sciences offer a structured interconnected training system for personal empowerment based on the Hermetic Kabbala. The Hermetic Arts and Sciences offer the entire three-level initiation system that has been passed on throughout history through a continuous lineage of initiates, consisting of (proto-) scientists, magicians, nobility, alchemists and priests.

Our lineage consists of many famous names: Samuel MacGregor Mathers, Theodore Moriarty, Dion Fortune, Bishop Robert King, Ernest W. Butler and Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki. A lineage continued by Ina Custers-van Bergen, the Director of Studies of the Stichting Temple of Starlight and founder of the Western Mystery School, ensuring the Hermetic Arts and Sciences can be translated and applied in our modern society.

The Deep Imagination Training is open for invites only.

Train the Trainer

This resulted in the development of our Train the Trainer. This training bridges the old Sacred Sciences and the modern therapeutic methods for personal and professional development, by the application of Deep Imagination techniques. Ancient and modern techniques, integrated into one system. The Hermetic Kabbala is a road map. Knowledge surpassing theory, culminating into a living inner world. You learn to free your creativity, use your inner senses, balance reflection and action. Personal empowerment techniques become an part of your daily life, wherein self-reflection and personal mission become aren integrated in your personal and professional attitude.

For senior members of the Hermetic Arts and Sciences we offer the Train the Trainer program, to become an affiliate to the International Board of Hermetic Trainers and work with the system of Hermetic Arts and Sciences, developed by Ina Cüsters-van Bergen.

We are connected to  CAT, Collectief Alternatieve Therapeuten in the Netherlands.